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Leave A Living Legacy

At The Gardens, we are the collective sum of thousands of legacies--joined together at different moments in time and in various capacities since 1986. The seeds we planted so many years ago have taken root, creating the beautiful spaces you see today. 

Create your own legacy by including The Gardens in your will or estate plan. Evergreen Legacy Society membership is a meaningful way to commemorate your long-standing support of The Gardens and will ensure our programs and gardens flourish for the next generation.


Evergreen Legacy Society

Membership is non-binding (as changes in life situations can and do happen) and allows us to appropriately recognize your intentions. 

A gift from your estate will ensure we are able to continue our mission of enriching the lives of people and fostering environmental stewardship through horticulture for generations to come. 

If you have already included The Gardens or The Friends in your will/estate plan, complete the form below and return to or by mail to:

The Gardens Development Office
2145 Centre Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80526

For more information
Michael Coleman, Development Officer

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